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Suggestion for FM: Tips, Tricks and Exams

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  • Suggestion for FM: Tips, Tricks and Exams

    I am looking for a study manual for FM different from Actex. What I am hoping for is an exam that combines tips and tricks (ie, how to identify the type of question & set it up quickly, how to use the BA II Plus efficiently, etc) with practice exams - not practice PROBLEMS, practice exams, although I would like some solved problems as well.

    Alternatively, I would like to purchase a manual with tips/tricks and then find copies of practice exams elsewhere.

    I would Love to do this for under $80 total.

    Am I asking for too much?? What suggestions do people have? Does anyone have a manual they would like to sell me (2005 or 2006 only please)? I can paypal funds immediately.


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    definately ASM. Not only does it have lots of problems, it also has "trick alerts" , "trap alerts", and "shortcut alerts". I have my manual which is the fall 05 version. I'll sell it to you but I dont have paypal, nor do i want to set it up. PM me if you are willing to purchase with a check or cash.

    It also has 3 practice exams and in addition you can download the Spring 05 and Fall 05 exams from the soa site. That is plenty to get you to pass. I got 23/25 on my first attempt using this.

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