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Changes in SOA exam M&C over the past 4 years?

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  • Changes in SOA exam M&C over the past 4 years?

    I purchased the ACTex Study notes for SOA eaxm M&C in 2002, but never took the exam since then. Now I want to come back and try these two exams. I'm wondering if there are a lot of changes during these 3 or 4 years? Can I still use the old textbook? Any comments would be appreciated.

    BTW, which study notes are best for these two exams --- BPP, ACTex, ASM, Mahlar, or others? Thanks.

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    Looking at archived Basic Education Catalogs from years past could help. They can be found here:

    Fall 2004 was the last time Course 4 was administered; it is now C. I few things offhand I remember about it: it now tests graduation methods including splines, it eliminated time series and regression, and it also added simulaiton (M does not test simulation.)

    You could compare topics on the Spring 2006 syllabus with those on past syllabi, and there should be some pretty glaring and noticeable differences.

    In terms of manuals, I used Mahler's Study Aids for Course C this last sitting, and it was more than enough to prepare for the test. There are just so many problems to attempt and work through that by the time you get to the test, you should be adequately prepared. I'm using Broverman's M (CAS 3) manual right now for Life Contingencies, and he is quite clear and thorough in his explanations, and offers many problems and practice exams. I'm using Mahler's Study Aids for the non-Life Contingencies portion of M (CAS 3) mainly because it worked wonders for C.

    Hope this helps some.
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      Ruin theory no longer on the syllabus either.
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