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Probability for Risk Management?

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  • Probability for Risk Management?

    I'm in calc 3, took several probability classes but no caculus based probability. Is this book good at teaching the concepts? Should i supplement my studying for exam p with another book? if so what book?

    Probability for Risk Management, 1999, by Hassett, M. and Stewart, D., Chapters 1–11

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    New material

    There is new material on exam P that was not on exam 1. You should get a text that prepares you for the new exam.

    Krzys' Ostaszewski
    author of ASM Manual for exam P:
    Want to know how to pass actuarial exams? Go to:


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      I think that you should be able to get most if not all of the material from that book. I know that the Actuarial Prep Course at my school is using that same book as a textbook. My advice would be to go through as many practice problems as possible and you will get a real good idea of what exactly you need to cover. I beleive that the book will be more than sufficient for the exam.