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How's BBP's online lecture?

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  • How's BBP's online lecture?

    Has anyone purchased BBP's study program before, which contains course notes, Q&A bank, study guide, tutor support, and online lectures.How's it? and how does it work? Is it like a review of all the material covered in Exam 1? Does it worth buying? Need your advice! Thanks!
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    I bought the BPP Study Guide and Seminar for Course 2 last time around.

    The BPP guide is meant to substitute for the required texts, so you don't have to buy them. That's a plus.

    I thought it was a good guide - the layout was neat and clean, good explanations, good formulas and notation. The flash cards were helpful for the formulas, especially for the accounting/financial report formulas that you'll learn to love in the next test.

    I thought it was much better than the ACTEX guide, which I found to be sloppy and full of holes in the explanations. It was cheaper, but you get what you pay for.
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