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    Hi everyone. This is my first visit and first post on this site. Let me introduce who i am and my situation. I am a recent college grad (23) with a degree in math. I took a job teaching direclty out of college because of the shortage of math teachers in my area. Its rare for a first year teacher to make 40K a year, especially with no experience teaching.

    anyways I am very interesting in the actuarial profession. I have been studying a little for exam P which i am registered for towards the end of the month. I haven't had the time to put in toward the exams i would like but i do have a strong math background. i was curioous of anyone's opinion about whether i should still take the exam or not. should i wait and study more, or get the experience of taking the exam even though i am not best prepared for it. also, will failing the exam count against me in the future and prevent me from jobs.

    when i look at the topics covered under exam p i am quite confident i know about 65% of the material. but i am still uncertain of the remaining material. maybe i should purchase a better study guide, or attend a seminar. perhaps if anyone is in my area (spfld, ma) they would like to get together and study. i wanted some opinions on how difficult the exam is. i've taken all the necessary calculus as well as many stats/probability classes.

    Thanks for reading and any input would be greatly appreciated.

    PS I'm sorry if this resembles any other posts, but i felt my post was exclusive to my individual situation and wanted to express it. Thanks.

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    Your best bet is to go to the SOA site and download the practice questions they have there. If you are getting nearly all of them right then you will probably be ready for the exam. There are about 123 questions, so be prepared to put in the time.
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      I think being a teacher will help you get a job. You should have a good reason why you're switching professions. The best way to know whether you are able to pass an exam is to sit for it. There's a published list of passing candidates, but the failures don't show up so you're safe.
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        Like mallkins saiid, do as many problems from now to the test as you can to get a feel for it. Do a few practice tests under testing conditions. If you can get a good number of them correct, even like 75%, take the test. Worse comes to worse, you can chalk it up to experience.


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          ''', thanks so much for the quick responses and friendly advice. I think i'll do just that. I'll study the best i can for the next few weeks and give it a shot. Thanks again.