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seeking calculus study buddy in D/FW

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  • seeking calculus study buddy in D/FW


    I'm yet another person planning to leave my field to become an actuary. I have a doctorate in computer science (dissertation on discrete bayesian stat inference algorithms), but it's been years since i learned or last used any calculus, and I don't see much point in tackling math stats for exam P/1 without thoroughly relearning the calcululs. The level of my educational background does imply that i've had successful previous experiences with prolonged self-study of arbitrarily difficult technical material. So, I'd like to think that I could be a valuable study partner.

    I've got a study plan but, I can't see it taking less than 6-9 months, even if i do manage to spend the 3-4 hours every day that my plan requires (while working full-time). I know the probability of study success will be greater if I can study with another human (or two) who is (are) as committed to the task as I am. I must stress that the only thing that needs to be equal among us is committment, not ability. We can have equal or unequal abilities---I'll learn just as much if I'm doing the tutoring, or I'm being tutored, or if we indulge in friendly competition. I am capable of teaching and qualified to teach math and statistics, even if i'm learning the day's topic myself, the night before.

    The bottom line: I want someone to meet with every single week to work problems with at a white-board, go over anything we got stuck in during our previous week's studies, and set study goals for the next week. Plus, since this plan is going to kill my social life--it will be nice to have some company, here in study ''''.

    Once we're through the calculus, we can churn and burn through the rest of the tests if our study group jels.

    Please let me know if you're out there in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I live in Grapevine, TX.


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    calculus tutor

    Good morning Suzanne -

    I've tutored calculus for many years. I'm assuming you are looking for someone to meet in person with you. I'm from Denver so that isn't realistic. But if you ever have calculus questions, please email them to me at: [email protected]. I have a B.S.E.E. (electrical engineering), and unfortunately the tech world is not being friendly to me. So I'm taking that math and working towards actuarial certification.

    Good Luck!

    Bill Young


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      I work very near you and would love to meet once a week. I was a math teacher for years, but have not worked at this high a level in YEARS. Please call 469) 742-0717 - it is a real estate company, but I will get a msg.
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        Can I join your group?

        Dear Suzanne and her buddies,

        I have started studying for Exam P for a few weeks now, but it's very tough to self study.
        Currently I am working full time in the administrative field in near dallas downtown, and I live at North Carrollton where 121 hwy meets with 35E fwy. I was always good at Math(including calculus) and Physics, so I decided to study actuary.

        I have a BS degree in Biochemisty at UCLA, but like you I left the school in 1996. For last 10 year, I have not done any study, so I expect that it's pretty difficult to change now. I do not have a specific plan when I will be taking the Exam P, but it will be sometime in January or Feburary, 2004 if possible. And if I could, I would like to pass the Exam FM by mid 2006.

        I have set my goal to study at least an hour/day on weekdays for now, and I was able to do that 4 days out of 5 weekdays. Eventually I would like to increase to 2 hrs or more hours, but to increase study times I need someone to study with.

        so if you would like to study with me, please e-mail me at [email protected]

        ***For those who are reading my note, if you are living in near dallas area and studying Exam P, I would like to study with you guys. Please e-mail me.

        Thank you,

        Joseph Byun