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IMPORTANT - Discussion of Exam Content

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  • IMPORTANT - Discussion of Exam Content

    Since it's that time of the year when candidates are sitting for the various CBT exams, it's also that time of the year when the usual warnings about discussing exam content must be made.

    1. Per the rules regarding CBT exams:
    The contents of Actuarial Exams sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, Casualty Actuarial Society, and the Society of Actuaries are copyrighted, proprietary, and confidential. Disclosure or reproduction of any portion of an Actuarial Exam to any individual or entity for any purpose whatsoever is prohibited. Such activity will result in the invalidation of test scores and may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution.

    You can be disqualified from taking or continuing to sit for an examination, or from receiving examination results, or your exam may be disqualified if there is substantial reason to believe through proctor observations, statistical analysis, and/or other evidence that your score may not be valid or that you were engaged in collaborative, disruptive, or other unacceptable behavior during the administration of this examination.
    Thus disclosing the details of any exam question is strictly prohibited, and violations may result in disciplinary action by the SOA, CAS, and/or CIA.

    2. Once you have taken the exam, please DO NOT discuss specific questions on the exam or discuss specific exam details while testing is ongoing. Examples of comments you should not make include:
    -- I had these kinds of questions, didn't have a problem on ____
    -- I thought I knew how to do _____
    -- It's a good thing I remembered how to do ______
    -- Any comment that gives specific information about an exam question

    Not only is discussing details about your exam while testing is going on prohibited, it's a potential violation of rule #14 in the SOA's "Exam Rules and Regulations/Instructions to Candidates" ... which may subject you to disciplinary action that can include
    -- disqualification of the candidate's exam paper,
    -- prohibition from writing exams for a specified period
    -- any other penalties the SOA/CAS/CIA deems are appropriate

    Other actuarial forums have turned information over to the SOA when information was divulged while others were taking the same exam; if it happens here, we reserve the right to do the same [and have done this in the past]. Considering that integrity is the hallmark of this profession, getting in trouble with the SOA over this would be a really lousy way for you to start your career (and might well hinder your chances of finding employment in this field).

    3. Giving general thoughts - "I did good/OK/bad" or "I had to rush / I had plenty of time" or other broad comments that don't give details about the exam are fine. If in doubt about whether your post will reveal too much information, don't post it. If you have yet to take the exam and need info on practice questions, ask away - but once you've taken the exam, please hold your comments except as described above.

    4. Comments or questions specific to this exam sitting should be withheld until 9:00pm Eastern on the last day of the CBT administration for each period; after that time, you're all free to discuss the exam [provided that questions are not repeated as asked on the exam]. Any threads that contain specific questions [or appear to contain exam questions] from this sitting will be deleted immediately (and people responsible may be referred to the SOA for possible disciplinary action) ... so don't do it.

    Good luck to everyone!
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