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  • Well..........

    I didn't pass yesterday. Hate that feeling. But, it gave me good experience. I know what I need to improve on and I am going to nail it next time. Congrats to everyone who passed it this time around!
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    P FM

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    I know how you feel two time failure.. I was sick during the test and that made it worse. I knew how to set up every question (at least I thought I did) and failed. Never give up.


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      Don't get down. I passed P on the first try and then failed this twice, and then passed on the third try. What you need to do is overkill. Marcel Finan and Kellison. Also helps to make up your own questions. Be creative. I'm sure there is some question you remember on the exam that you were thinking '''' I never thought of that!' In prep for the third try I tried making up weird questions to see if I could solve them. Try this technique.

      Also, if thought you did most of them correctly and then didnt pass, then that tells me you are making some subtle error and not realizing it. I had the same problem. I highly advise taking a look through Marcel Finan's manual. He has great explanations on topics that continued to confuse me in the syllabus.