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Passed in June and sell ACTEX manual with all other practice exams

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  • Passed in June and sell ACTEX manual with all other practice exams


    I just passed my exam FM in NYC in June and here to share my strategy!

    I used ACTEX manual as my main reference book b/c it's much easier to understand the content for the first time than ASM. Then I used 6 practice exams in it to warm myself for the test day and strengthen the practice by 5 ASM practice exams. Two days before my big day, I mimic the test by two TIA exams.

    I feel this strategy I used is much helpful for the exam. And I'd like these materials I used can help somebody else to pass the exam once as well. So I plan to sell all the materials I used in my preparation for it.

    Good luck for everyone still working for exams. )

    There are some pencil notes I did in the manual when I learned, you can eraze them if you don't like or you can use them as a guide. Also I split two practice exams from the manual to make it easier for me to carry them when I did the practice exams.(These two are marked with pen.) I will add all 5 ASM practice exams and 2 TIA exams I did along with the ACTEX manual. All of these materials are sold by $65 without shipping. If you're interested, email me by [email protected]