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Is it just me (about the BA-35 Solar)

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  • Is it just me (about the BA-35 Solar)

    Or when finding an unknown interest rate does this calculator give a bunch of (Error) when trying. Sometimes it works well, oftentimes it doesn't.

    For instance. on this simple calculation.

    140*s 10 angle i = 2341.08

    Doing :

    140 PMT
    10 n
    2341.08 FV

    CPT i

    I get an error. Everytime. But if i plug in i = 11% and calculate the FV, I get the right answer.

    I assume this is just the way it goes.

    Does the other calculator perform better with this sort of thing? (the BA II Plus)

    Thanks in advance,

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    Either the payment or the future value must be negative (but not both). Don't forget the cashflow conventions of the calculator.


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      Sometimes I amaze myself with my lack of common sense.

      I appreciate it. =)


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        Calculator convention

        The calculation thinks that PV is the loan to be paid off with PMT, and FV is the loan balance after all these payments. So f future loan balance is positive, payments are positive, how can current loan balance be zero? Think this way. I hope this helps.

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