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  • ASM vs Temple

    Hi ,

    I am planning to give Exam 2 in November and was thinking of buying one of the two mannuals, ASM or Temple.Could someone please suggest which is better and in wat ways ? I shall really apppreciate Your help on this.

    Thanks and gud luk to everyone

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    Manuals for exam FM

    I would appreciate it if you consider a manual I wrote for exam FM, available from New England Actuarial Seminars, I hope it is helpful. It has a unique perspective on the new topics of duration, convexity, immunization and the yield curve, and practice exercises on these topics.

    Krzys' Ostaszewski
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      It's hard to say which one is better since most people only get one study manual. I am working through the ASM manual and I can tell you that I like it. I learn mostly from working through problems and ASM has 600+ I think. However, I have no idea which manual is the best and which manual is the best for you.
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        Originally posted by Ken
        since most people only get one study manual.
        Not necessarily, and you'll find this more evident with the second 2 exams (M/3 and C/4). Personally, I am of the belief that one should have at least 2 manuals - in case one manual does not explain a point in depth sufficiently, the second manual will give a different view on the subject. Personally, I used 3-5 different manuals for Course 4 and 4-6 manuals for Exam M so far. I don't advocate getting that many manuals, but I simply like the idea of having a topic explainable in several different ways.