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Is the ADAPT FM 2-Day Trial worth it?

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  • Is the ADAPT FM 2-Day Trial worth it?

    I'm sitting for the FM/2 exam next Thursday and I'm a bit on a budget. Can someone ask me how the ADAPT trials work? Would the 2-day trial even be worth it (as in would I even have enough time to build up my rating in the span of two days)?

    If I purchase the 7-day trial, would it pretty much be like having unlimited sample questions with solutions for 7 days? Thank you!

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    Disclaimer: I work at Coaching Actuaries, so I have a bias. However, almost no one uses these forums (try, and your exam is coming up. So I decided to answer this one.

    I'll start with how ADAPT works. ADAPT dynamically creates practice exams from a large bank of questions that adjust to your skill level. The idea is to provide the right question at the right time. You have unlimited access to as many practice exams as you can take, and you will have immediate access to ADAPT from the time you purchase until x days later.

    We usually don't recommend the 2 day subscriptions to new users. Really, the only reason we created the 2 day option is because sometimes CBT students will move their exam date within the window and need a couple more days access. 2 days usually isn't enough for students to make the most of the software (in terms of building your earned level or helping determine your weak areas). However, it could be the best option for you; it really depends on the individual and how prepared you are for the exam already. The better question might be which other resources have you used? Or how many practice problems you have tried? How comfortable are you for your exam already?
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      Thank you for getting back to me. For the most part, I feel comfortable with the overall material but as I am on a budget, the only resource I used was Finan's free FM/2 study guide, which I thought was pretty thorough. I worked through most of the practice problems at the end of each section in this guide but I lack actual exam-like questions (a compilation of 35 questions that mixes up the topics).

      I did fine on the SOA 57, DM 30, 1 of Saab's random tests, and the May 2005 exams. I just feel like from this point forward I just need to practice a lot and get used to the wordings of various problems. I think after reading your response, I will purchase the 7-day program. I was considering buying practice exams from TIA or from other sites but I feel like this is much more worth it.