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ba II Plus question

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  • ba II Plus question

    I am now fully competent using the ba II plus calculator. HOwever, there is one problem that I keep on getting incorrect answers. These incorrect answers usually occur when I work with annuity due:

    I want to calculate the payment of the following annuity:

    Ya.._4|.07 = 35783.63. The answer is Y = 9873.

    where Y is the payment, a.. means annuity due, 4 is the number of payments at an effective rate of 7% per annum.

    here is what I did with the calculator

    1. 2nd BGN--> to convert to annuity due
    2. 4 N
    3. 7 I\Y
    4. -35783.63 PV
    5. cpt Pmt

    result: 15243.5798

    Any reasons why I am not getting the correct answer?

    Than kyou

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    maybe your pmt/year or compounding/year is off.
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