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Sam Boverman Questions, huh?

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  • Sam Boverman Questions, huh?

    I have been trying to find questions to practice and i saw the 2 stickies above and the Kryzs questions seem like the questions which i am accustom to answering things i have seen on exams before. The Boverman questions though seem, well like no other questions i have seen before. Are these the likely questions we will receives this spring sitting?

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    Seeing that Kryz's questions are exactly the same as what the SOA already gives us on their website (at least from what I can see on the last page), I can see why you might be more accustomed to them.

    As for Dr. Boverman's, just a quick glance through them I'm noticing they are quite a bit tougher than your typical FM question. They still cover the same material, but it would appear that if you can do Boverman's questions then you should have no problem on the exam.

    So to answer your question, I wouldn't think you'd see Boverman type questions. They just seem too time consuming to me. When you only have 180 minutes to answer 35 questions, they can't really give you 10 minute long problems.


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      Thanks. I was freaking out thinking that because I did not pick up Broverman's latest actex material that things had changed or I was using an out of date syllabus.
      Thanks again.


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        definitely do them and understand them though...the last thing you need is to take the exam and freak out because there are a few problems that are harder than you thought would be on there. That's what happened to me, so I make sure to attempt all hard problems and if I get them wrong try to understand why I did. Plus, hard problems make you faster for the easy ones.


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          Kryz's questions of the week

          go back (even as far as 2005) and you'll find he has questions from many other sources ... many are great exercies and you can't help but learn from them


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            This is the first time I heard Broverman's questions are harder than krzys' questions. I don't whether you gone through Dr. Krzys' manual or not. If not it really good thing to do before you take the test. He has all type of questions from easiest to hardest and also he has 15 question papers with 35 questions in each paper.
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