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Notation question from Professor Broverman's Manual

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  • Notation question from Professor Broverman's Manual

    Professor Broverman, I had a quick question regarding some notation in Section 15, LC-168, of your 2005 Exam M study manual. You show that the PVRV of the n-year deferred life-annuity due is v^n*adoubledot_k+1-n for K>=n. Right below in your expression for the expected value of this PVRV, you use a different symbol in the summation that I have not seen in the manual up until this point. I would guess that it is a "n-year deferred non-life-contingent annuity-due for k+1-n years", and could also be written as v^n*adoubledot_k+1-n. However, I am unsure because thus far you have only used deferred symbols with insurances and life annuities-due--not just for regular, non-life-contingent annuities-due.

    Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you.
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    I thought that the deferred annuity notation that
    I used for the annuity certain was standard notation in the compound
    interest textbooks. When you asked the question, I
    reviewed Kellison's book and my own compound interest book, and realized that this notation is no longer standard (it had been used
    some time ago) for a deferred annuity-certain. I will
    change that for future editions of the study guide.
    Sam Broverman

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      Thank you very much for the clarification, Professor Broverman. The manual has been very clear thus far.
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