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ADAPT MLC - 2012 updates!

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  • ADAPT MLC - 2012 updates!

    The question bank for ADAPT MLC has been updated for 2012! All of the existing questions in our MLC question bank are now current for 2012.

    All existing questions have been updated to use the new formatting used for the 2012 syllabus change, and out-dated questions have been removed from the question bank.

    Over the next couple of months, Dr. Abraham Weishaus and the Coaching Actuaries staff will be writing hundreds of new questions for ADAPT MLC. The new questions will cover the new topics in 2012, and will also strengthen and reinforce the other topics covered in MLC. We will also be updating our list of topics for the MLC exam to coincide with the ASM MLC manual.

    You can check out all of the MLC products from CoachingActuaries here:
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    ADAPT MLC is now fully updated for 2012! Over 150 new questions have been added to ADAPT MLC by Abraham Weishaus and the Coaching Actuaries staff, and there are now more than 700 practice questions available.

    Also, the topic list has been updated to correspond with the 11th edition of the ASM MLC manual, and is current for 2012.
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