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Innovative study manual for M

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  • Innovative study manual for M

    I just published a low cost, high quality, innovative study manual for M at Actuarial Bookstore. Features of this study manual:

    Introducing COM, an innovative study method. Many candidates, when preparing for SOA exams, do busy work that adds little value to passing exams. COM puts a stop to busy work and lets you study effectively for M.

    Exam ready shortcuts. Many candidates failed Course 3 or Exam M because they attempted to invent solutions on the spot using basic principles. Inventing solutions in the heat of the exam is almost always too late. To pass Exam M, you need to invent solutions and shortcuts ahead of time. This manual provides many shortcuts I developed when I was preparing for Course 3. These shortcuts are typically not found in other study manuals.

    Low cost. The take home price is $99.

    Here is a sample chapter

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    updated link to the sample chapter

    The original link was broken. This is a new link to the sample chapter:


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      I hope you don't mind elaborating on what is so innovative about this manual. What do you think sets your manual apart? Many original problems? Different ways to solve problems than other exams suggest?
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        what's different about this manual

        Thanks Ken for your question.

        Like my manual for P and FM, this M manual has many insights and shortcuts typically not found in other manuals. You can get a feel of the style of this M manual from the sample chapter.


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          Hi Guo,

          The link still doesn't work.


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            I can't open the link either.


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              The links are still broken...


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                Try this: