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    Hello to all. I am wondering if anybody knows when exactly the SOA and CAS offered exam 3 together and when they offered it separetly. In a review book I have, it has separte questions for SOA and CAS in 2004. I was under the impression that they offered the same exam and the new exam system became effective in the spring of this year. Thanks in advance for removing my curiosity.

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    CAS 3 vs SOA 3

    I believe that the CAS and SOA offered a common exam
    for Course 3 from May 2000 to May 2003. I think that the
    November 2003 sitting was the first one for the CAS Course 3
    exam was different than the SOA Course 3 exam.

    Sam Broverman
    Sam Broverman

    [email protected]


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      So was exam M offered before this past spring?


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        The SOA/CAS exam system changed for the Spring 2005
        exam session. Current SOA exam P/CAS Exam 1 is (with
        a couple of changes) the probability part of what
        was called Course 1 prior to 2005. Current SOA Exam FM/
        Cas Exam 2 is the compound interest part (with a couple of
        changes) of what was called Course 2 (Course 2 also
        tested economics and corporate finance, both of which
        are now VEE topics). Current SOA Exam M is (with some
        changes) what was called SOA Course 3, and CAS Exam 3
        is (with some substantial changes) what was called
        CAS Course 3. Prior to 2005, SOA and CAS Course 4 included
        the topics of regression and time series. Regression and
        time series now make up the VEE topic for applied
        statistics. Current SOA Exam C/CAS Exam 4 is (with
        a few changes) the old
        Exam 4 minus the regression and time series.
        Old SOA Course and CAS Exam 3 included some parts of
        simulation. The simulation topic is now on Exam C/4 .
        Sam Broverman

        [email protected]


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          Ah, now it makes sense. Exam 3 was no loger offered jointly starting in Nov 2003, but the exams did not take their current form until this spring.
          Thank you for clearing up this point of confusion.


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            I am using ASM study Manual for Exam M 3rd edition. Need I buy new one?


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              Originally posted by Iceberg View Post
              I am using ASM study Manual for Exam M 3rd edition. Need I buy new one?
              For MLC, I don't think you need a new one, and there is a link from the author for a note on how to use old edition.

              You may ask him for permission or simply search it out. (I can PM you if you couldn't find it.)

              You need to study separately (either by text or manual) for MFE, though.



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                Another thing - you can write MLC and MFE and get credit for CAS 3, but the converse is not true (I think). So if you don't have a job yet, or want to switch from P&C to life, you should go with the SOA