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    I just took the first practice test..

    and got the following result.

    Percentage of correct answers : 80%


    You are doing better than 24% of test takers of Exam P/1 : Practice Test 1
    That was with Educated guess. I was able to solve about 2/3 with confidence.

    that 24% and FAIL bothers me alot.

    Am I in a decent shape? My exam is on 19th by the way..

    Very Frustrated

    I want to pass my 1st time!!!

    I read that passing score changes every time but will 70% be good enough for almost all exams?


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    I just took the first practice test and I got a 77% and it also said that I failed.
    I think my problem is that I get tired/bored/lazy around question 17 or so and I start getting sloppy, which is NOT the attitude I should have!
    But I'm surprised that you got 80% correct and failed. That doesn't seem right to me.


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      Keep in mind that many people have those questions practically memorized step-by-step b/c they are repeats from the SOA 140, and generally easier problems anyway. If this is truly ur first time ever seeing the problems, then u did fine. I just passed today and if i took that exam I would probably get 29 or 30/30 b/c i know the problems step by step, practically memorized. So if you're seasoned in the SOA 140 already, then u may not be as well off as you think. 20 out of 30 questions are usually good, yes, but you should expect to get in the the mid 20s and if the problems are very challenging you'll still get 20/30. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS OVER-PREPARE.

      Good luck!


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        Here is how the percentage pass score is formulated:

        Take the probability of getting question 1 right w/ adequate knowledge of probability, say p1.

        The pass score is p1 + p2 +...+p30. So if you have 30 questions that have probabilty of around .83, then u need to get 83% right. Make sense?

        So for the first test the problems are probably considered easy, with a very high probability of getting right.