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Need advice on passing P with Guo's manual

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  • Need advice on passing P with Guo's manual

    So I failed for the 2nd time with Guo's manual. I was just wondering for those of you who used his manual, what resources did you use to do practice problems on?

    Did you read through each chapter, then do his 'suggested' problems? Used SOA 140?
    What resources? I think the main reason I'm failing is because I don't have the abundance of practice problems the ASM/ACTEX manual has (like when I passed FM with an 8 with the ASM manual).

    Just wondering how you guys are going about doing this?
    I really don't want to buy the ASM manual because it's an extra cost as I already have Guo's. Any tips would be appreciated.

    Gagan - Level II Poster
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    do the 140 its pretty much the same as the actex


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      Use BPP

      Hey, Guo's manula is good, but lack of practice. I suggest you do the BPP 500 questions as well, along with the SOA 140, if you want, I can sell it to you


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        I actually did more than 400 questions on the GUO bank question but I still failed... Did all 140 SOA sample... What is going on? I remember during the exam, I got questions I can never answer... I have no basic knowledge in probability and statistics actually... Would there be an effective study guide that I can follow anyone? Desperately need help...


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          did you just take your exam in may? i know for my test, the questions were very weird, but it really is the same type of problems. I think you should know the concept rather than just solving problems. I used Actex and soa 140, they are pretty much the same thing so save some money and study everything that's on soa 140.


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            Need HELP during Finance Exam

            Wrong place, srry..
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              I studied the SOA 140 as well too...
              I guess I should be hitting it harder than I did in the past and really really focus on the concepts....

              This I wish I had bought the ASM manual in the first place..
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