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Exam P in July: To take or not to take..

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  • Exam P in July: To take or not to take..

    Hi all, I am wondering if it is worth my time studying for exam P in July. I am going to be a Junior in fall and I have taken the calc sequence (along with diff. eqs and linear algebra), but have not yet taken probability (I am taking probability in the coming fall semester). I will probably study around 5 hours a day until the exam (I am not doing much else over the summer and I could theoretically study longer everyday). The question is: do I have enough time to learn the required probability, brush up on calc, and go through a boat load of problems before mid-July? I could also take it mid-September, but I will be in the middle of a new semester. My other option is taking exam FM in august (but I am also taking an intro finance course in fall).

    What do you guys think?--should I dive in and cram hard for exam P in July or wait a month and take FM?...or wait longer and take the tests either in September or later?

    Also, if I learn probability, I will probably get the ASM manual and some other resource materials, which I hope will be enough for learning the material.

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    i just took my exam yesterday and passed. my finals went on until the end of april, so i only had 3 weeks of studying to get in before the exam. it's possible if you really sit down and study everyday. i studied for about 6-7 hours everyday and longer the few days leading up to it.

    i did however, have some prior knowledge so that helped alot. have you taken multivariate calculus (aka calc III)? if so i'd say it's possible, if not, i think it's a lot to learn.


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      Yeah I have taken calc 3, but right now I am thinking exam FM in August is a safer bet, considering that I might invest in TIA and ASM, which would be expensive and seem to be what the forums recommend the most. If I studied for probability, I could get in around 150-170 hours (assuming around 5 hours a day). If I studied for FM, I could get in around 300 hours.
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        You're a junior, you have time. It's better for you to take your time and make sure you have a complete grasp of the knowledge than try to rush it and get a passing grade.

        Your passing grade should be a consequence of the expertise and in-depth knowledge you gain over the material. Not a badge you get for breaking your back.

        Since you can't work full-time anyways until you graduate, and the likelihood of you grabbing a summer internship this late in the game is pretty narrow... I'd settle into a more comfortable study routine than the one you're planning right now.