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Recipe for Exam P success?

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  • Recipe for Exam P success?

    Hi everyone

    I'm new to the actuarial field, will take Exam P next February. Graduate from a quite tough (30..40% of freshers not finishing or transfering to "more humane" colleges) engineering school about 8 years ago. What would you recommend as study material in such case?

    I've started already with Actex's manual, but just realized SOA endorses 6 other books on its website; does/did everyone refer to any of them during your Exam P preparation, or they are rather optional?

    Thank you

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    During the summer preceding Course 1 just back in November 2004, I had access to a probability book that used to be on the list written by Hogg and Tanis; can't remember the name, but it was very good, had lots of good problems and clear explanations.

    I don't know, if you've never had a class in calculus-based probability, it might help to have a textbook to get foundations, but I would think the ACTEX study guide you're using is doing a pretty good job in this.
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