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Actual exams compared to AMS practice exams

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  • Actual exams compared to AMS practice exams

    AMS exams 1-5 seems to be too easy while exams 6-20 are on another lv
    Last edited by KlobBryant; July 14 2009, 05:37 AM.

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    The actual procedure required for the question for a July exam is not any more elaborate than that of an average ASM 1-5 question. But, its becoming harder to pull the information you need out of the wording of the problem. The SOA 123 (not 141) I feel, is substantially easier because of the information is presented more clearly. It like changing the variable or having to format the information presented to get to where you can bust in out like in the 123 is a problem in itself. Nothing really came easy this sitting. No 45 sec gimmies. Had to work for everything.

    Its not that much easier than the latter exams. I was making 15/30 on 18 - 20 and it was not enough. I've said it before and I'll say it again: this test was easy in March.