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Continuous Distribution

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  • Continuous Distribution

    I have a question regarding the continuous distribution. For the exam, are we required to know the pdf, mean,variance, and mgf for distributions such as Gamma, Pareto, Lognormal, and Weibull ? I would really appreciate if anyone could give some thoughts on this. Thanks.

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    Those distributions are all on the syllabus and, as they say, "fair game" for the exam. From what I've heard, the likelihood that they'll be on the exam is less than say binomial or exponential, but it may be a good idea to be familiar with them. If you're halfway decent at memorizing, it's really not that bad to commit their basic properties to memory, this way worse comes to worse you get a question asking for the mean of a gamma dist. with alpha and beta equal to this or that, and you know right away what it is. Also, I've found that it really helps to learn how some of the dist. are related to each other. Like how gamma is a form of exponential, and chi-square is a form of gamma, etc. Then you only have to know one of them, and you can pretty easily figure out the related ones.