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Joy with memorization

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  • Joy with memorization

    I'm entering the memorization stage of the distributions: discrete distributions are easy enough, but boy, these continuous distributions are 'fun' (read: not fun). Bleh.

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    This will require a friend/partner/study buddy.

    One possible way to help with this is to get some printer paper and using one page for each distribution write out the formula for f(X), F(X), E(X) etc. in a structured way. Photocopy the sheets multiple times and then (if you have a study buddy) each of you uses some white out and randomly erases variables from the equation. You then swap and the other has to try and complete the formula. Repeat the exercise multiple times.

    This should help in a couple of ways: -
    i) while writing out the formula you can use it as an exercise in processign them one more time
    ii) when trying to fill in the blanks you are forced to try and recall the whole formula to try and work out what is missing.


    PS If someone has pages typed with the distributions as one per they might want to post them for others to copy.
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      I'm generally good at rote memorization, even mathematical formulae (I did it for Green's Theorem, Stokes' Theorem, Divergence Theorem, etc., in one day, heh), just need to crack down and -do it-. I generally study them, just reading them repeatedly a few times, then try writing them down one by one exactly, then go back to see where I '''''ed up.