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Scratch paper for computerized exam?

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  • Scratch paper for computerized exam?

    How is scratch paper handled on the computerized exam? Anyone who took it last fall?

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    I remember being a little annoyed when I took the exam last fall. While you can take any number of blank sheets for working, you can only take one sheet at a time. You cannot take a second sheet until you've given the first sheet back. I thought this was not a good idea, because you might have worked part of a problem, stopped, proceeded to the next problem, and might want to revisit what you did later. But if you've turned the paper in, you can't see what you've already done. I did put that as a comment in the feedback section. I'd like to know if that has changed.
    Good Luck!


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      Where I took it, we got a booklet of about eight pages. When that was done, you had to hand it in to get another booklet. I guess we had it a bit easier than Gouri. I used two or three pages for some problems alone.