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How do the SOA 149 practice questions compare to the real P/1 Exam?

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  • How do the SOA 149 practice questions compare to the real P/1 Exam?

    I have been using the ASM study manual and am working through the practice exams provided. I have also done a number of the SOA 149 practice question. I notice a significant difference in the difficulty level between these two resources. I understand that the later ASM practice tests (#15-20) are intentionally designed to be more difficult than the actual exam. Are the SOA 149 questions on par with the actual exam or are they easier? I would like to hear from anyone who has used these resources and perhaps even sat the exam.

    Where does the actual exam fall in the difficulty spectrum:

    SOA 149 <<<<< ASM Practice Tests 1-5 << ASM Practice Tests 5-20


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    I used the SOA 149 as my last resource a few days before my sitting. I liked how it grouped problems together, so I had a chance to review different topics in detail before the exam. I would say they were a little easier than the actual exam, but that is just personal opinion. I found them to be a huge help though.

    I also used the ASM manual. I thought the manual was excellent. Some of the later practice exam problems were difficult to the point of being irrelevant. The author still has Wiebull and Pareto distribution problems included which will not be on the actual exam (per the syllabus). However, the author states his philosophy of 'Been There, Done That', and he certainly does it.


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      I passed the P/1 this March and thought that it was pretty much the same difficulty as the last 40 or so questions on the practice problems. I also practiced with some exams from , and together I felt like I was extremely prepared for the exam. Though, I also took a college course in Probability which helped me as well, so I think it really depends on the person and the background in the topic.


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        I used ACTEX and then SOA 149.

        For me the major learning from SOA 149 was NOT "what kind of questions can come in the exam?" BUT "what kind of logic & concepts can be tested in the exam?".

        If one studies (rather than just solve) SOA 149 from this angle, he/she will be well prepared.
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          I actually felt like they were a really good match of the level of difficulty. My last stage of practice was randomly selecting 30 questions out of the SOA questions, and then doing them all in 3 hours. I scored about as well on the actual exam as I did on those practice exams.