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Do you recommend I get the guo manual?

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  • Do you recommend I get the guo manual?

    I've been using the ASM manual (11th edition) but when around problems #29 -#53 in the SOA 149 I have been doing very poorly. I can't seem to set the problem up correctly based on what the question is saying, and my manual is of marginal benefit in this area. To those who have experience with it, do you think I should get the guo manual?

    I study pretty much all day since I have no job and live with my folks, so I've been pretty obedient in studying. When ever the studying bogs me down I look through the threads here to get my motivation back up. I'm hoping the Guo guide might be what I need to get that extra edge.

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    I was learning a lot of the material on exam P for the first time, and used the Guo manual as my only study text. So I can't compare it to ASM or anything else but I thought it was good. I didn't have a ton of time to prepare and it helped me learn what was necessary and I ended up passing, but I think I did it just barely.

    It does have some good tips and tricks and explanations of how to setup problems, so if money isn't an issue I'd say it could be very helpful to get it. But I doubt it would be completely necessary.