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  • study ASM mannual

    i am going to have my exam p in 3/8. i am doing ASM mock exams. there is 20 mock exams in ASM. I did mock1-4,8,10,12, the result are as follow:

    mock1: 17/30 mock2: 24/30 mock3: 22/30 mock4: 21/30 mock 8: 27/30
    mock 10: 27/30 mock 12: 26/30

    the author said that mock 1-5 are easier, and 6-10 is harder, but i don't think so, actually i think exam 1-5 is harder, is anyone has the same feeling??
    after i did this 7mocks, i think i am quite familiar with the question types, should i do all 20 mocks??
    are asm mannual mock papers easier compared with actex or GOU ?
    are asm mocks easier than real exam?
    i always can't remember beta or gamma dis, sould i skip it?
    what grade will i get if i perform in real exam like the results above?
    after CBT exam will i know the grade i deserve or just whether i pass?