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Taking P1 exam is like playing a game.

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  • Taking P1 exam is like playing a game.

    Taking P1 exam is like playing a game. You have to run in 30 miles (30 questions). Each mile has a mine(tricky problem) on it. You have to identify where the mine is and avoid step over on it. If you step over on the mine, you'll lose 1 point. If you step over 9 mines, then you'll die(you fail the exam). Game over.

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    getting there is like a nintendo game..i am thinking of it...
    Each topic is a level like A-1, A-2 is like 1-1, 1-2 in super mario bros or legend of zelda..i've made kind of a zelda dungeon map for all the topics and fill in a square when i am done studying it...the last box is red...


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      Jesus Christ, can you at least say taking actuary exams are like taking a self defense class or something like that. No wonder people think actuaries are geeks. :-)


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        Yeah. Why don't you go play dungeons and dragons or something? Or go play in a dungeon with your dragon.


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          Taking actuarial exams is like being a magician in Dungeons & Dragons. The first few levels are primarily for initiation and exposure - you mostly stay in the background and launch magic missiles at hobgoblins or light up dark caves. As you move up a few levels, the spell books become larger and it is more difficult to organize all of the arcane scrolls. But the esoteric knowledge proves to be valuable as you play an increasingly important role in the party and can handle more difficult tasks such as slaying lichs. Attaining your fellowship credentials makes you a powerful wizard. At this point, you have your own staff and you can even dream of overthrowing Tiamat, who is not unlike a modern chief executive officer.


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              Sorry Zeigy, I'll try again: P/1 is like picking up girls at a club. Anybody is allowed in the club, and there are 30 girls. 10 of them are easy, but there's no prize in getting them because everybody gets them. There are about 5 girls that nobody gets, and to avoid wasting time you are best off leaving them alone. That leaves about 15 girls that are medium challenge, and you should take as many back to your apartment as possible, focusing on the ones that fit your strengths.

              You get as many tries at this club as you want, but once you've succeeded there, you no longer go back because it's beneath you. So you hit the gym, buy more expensive clothes, and then go to a more exclusive club with better djs, better columbia, and hotter girls.


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                Ha! I give up.