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P Exam Preparation - SOA 153

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  • P Exam Preparation - SOA 153


    I had previously taken a course on probability that was somewhat catered to this exam, and have learned simple counting basics, discrete distributions, multivariate discrete distributions and a little bit on continuous (single variable) distribution.

    I decided to study using the SOA 153, making sure I'd go back and learn everything in the set of questions that I did not understand. From what I've done (almost to the end), many questions are about multivariate continuous distributions. Is it safe to say that the P Exam will have a large majority of questions based on these?

    That being said, is the SOA 153 a fair representation of what is going be on the exam? i.e. is studying from the 153 sufficient? And if so, are the proportions of different concepts in the 153 going to be reflective of the proportions of the concepts on the P Exam itself?

    Thanks very much for your help.

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    Exam p preparation

    Am also working on my p1 and at some time i was also using Soa 153 and coincidentally i had noticed the same thing you have noticed. I think we dont want to relly heavily on one book( as it have been said before) but i think it actually refrects much of the stuff that we should expect on the exam.


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      Thanks for the reply, Patrick.

      I have just gone through the last 7 or 8 questions, and these are brutal. Are these types of questions going to be the last 1 or 2 at the end of the exam where you read it, say nope and come back to guess later? Or should I concern myself with learning them, because I honestly have 0 idea what to do on first glance for these.