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I passed! Here are some thoughts

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  • I passed! Here are some thoughts

    Last week after I passed I had about two pages of things I wanted to write into this forum. A week later and the inspiration is gone but a few things remain that I would like to say. Here is a bit of my background so you know where I am coming from.

    I'm 30 years old and a cook. Last year I took Calculus one and two at a community college, otherwise I dropped out of high school. As I had never taken a course in probability, I studied 6 months for this exam on my own. I passed last week on my first sitting!

    I would like to thank those who post in the forum. Not being in school, I had no one to talk to about this test. This site, if nothing else, shows there are others out their taking the tests.

    My questions while studying were basically of two types. What should I be studying (guides, practice tests and the like), and how hard is the test. Here is what I used.

    -Probability for risk management, Hasset. - great
    -tia free four exams - great
    -actex exam package - awful
    -actuarialcbt - great
    -guo review - great, used just a little during the last week

    AND THE TEST WAS HARD! I would like to say be careful in your studies. After all the questions from the tia and the like started to repeat themselves, very little
    on the test followed the same format. The data was organized differently and the questions were difficult to understand. Maybe I was just nervous. In any case, my point is that you need to understand the concepts, and not just be able to problem solve. I found the test to be much harder than the practice tests I took.

    The Actex tests were a HUGE waste of money. Im actually kind of upset at them. The TIA were top notch. So was actuarialcbt . The hasset book was good, but it won't solve the test for you. It is to learn the basics of the subject.

    Anyway, my advice is to get the study guides early. The hasset book might have taught me the formula for finding the expected value of a function of a variable, but when the question comes to apply it to a deductible...What the '''' is a deductible???

    Get the study guides and learn the shortcuts. Any other questions just ask.
    I know I am being short right now. Thanks again everyone!

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    congratulations on passing. how many hours a day did you study, in the 6 months that you were studying?

    and when you say the actex exam package, do you mean the study manual?


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      I have not developed the best study habits. I would over study one day (8 hours), then not study again for a week or two sometimes. That is easy to do when the test is 6 months away. Of course I crammed for the last two weeks. It is better to just study two or three hours everyday. You would end up learning the material in half the time. And of course, get a study manual right away. I waited till the last three weeks, and didn't really "get" the material till then.

      I purchased, with only a week before the test, the 15 exam pack. It was an online package. It took them a few days to get me the password for the online site. The first half of tests were stupidly easy. Pointless. All the tests were repetitive. It was like taking the same problems over and over again. Not helpful at all. The tests were not timed and did not follow the testing format. There were no button for marking or review. The last problem in the test set, where the "next question" button would usually be, was "submit", so after 30 problems of hitting next question, you would accidentally hit submit and then not have a chance to review your work. It didn't really matter anyway, after taking two or three tests, I would get a 90% on the test without review in about an hour. I can tell you that the real test was NOTHING like that. My opinion anyway.


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        Hi did you actex study manual? I heard that it's good but I was just wondering if it's as bad as the way you described the actex test package.


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          no. i never had access to the study guide. If I'm write, it's by broverman, who is often mentioned by hasset.