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Preparing for the P exam

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  • Preparing for the P exam

    Hi is it enough if I just use the actex P manual, and do problems from SOA and take many practice exams?
    Does Actex manual teaches you everything you need to know to pass the exam?
    Should I use other manuals too?

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    Hey Ronald!
    I definitely think that the ACTEX is best for this exam and definitely goes over everything you need to pass. That in addition to the SOA set and Dr O's free problem page will definitely put you straight. How are you getting along with the Actex material thus far?

    If any doubt though I've still got ASM for cheap!


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      Hey what's up!? I'm about to start chapter 6 today.
      I plan to finish going through the manual in like two weeks.
      I'll then spend few more weeks reviewing the manual then I'll go do the SOA problems and
      all the free problems available online. Then I'll do practice exams.