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Hey guys (and gals), I need some advice

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  • Hey guys (and gals), I need some advice

    So I'm taking Exam P in 1 week, and I only started studying over my winter break for the last 4 weeks. Problem is, I am terrible at the pure calculus problems, particularly the double integrals questions with alot of details. And these problems comprise about 1/3 to 1/2 of the test material.. So are there any attainable guides on how to learn these or should I just keep studying the 150 sample questions on the syllabus below? I'm a statistics major so I know alot, bit I'm rusty on the calculus.

    Also, there were no Gamma distribution questions, are there key equations to the Gamma distribution I should know for Exam P? ie Such as for exponential, pdf = f(x) = ke^(-kx)

    Plus I've never heard of a moment generating function...

    Also, I'm a college Junior, is that too early to be starting these exams? Just curious on ppl's opinions. Thanks

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    Are you using a manual? It sounds like not...

    MGFs are kinda important. Also your calculus needs to be on point. This means double integrals, exponentials, integration by parts, derivatives, etc. Practice as much as you can in this week?

    Might also be helpful.

    Good luck!


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      not too early! I'm a college soph and I'm taking the exam next friday in London