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Difficulty of actex and asm practice exams

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  • Difficulty of actex and asm practice exams

    Hi are ASM practice exams harder than the Actex practice exams?
    And how are those exams compared to the actual exam?

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    Tough to say, Ronald

    The exams "feel" very different from each other. I find ACTEX to test more the theory and core of the concepts while ASM is more straight forward on the plug and chug side.

    ASM exams are closer to the actual tests I think. This is both good and bad. A lot of the questions are just spins on the questions you'd see on the SOA set. So while closer may not be as challenging and MAY lead to false security. The ACTEX exams definitely got very challenging toward the last few (I recall one bayes problem that was something like 10 lines long to read and took me the whole 6 minutes to read and wrap my head around it seemed!)

    So while the last few ACTEX may be harder, I'd say the ASM is closer to exam. Just my 2 cents :P

    How are you finding the ACTEX exams thus far? Too easy? If so I'd say you're in good shape so far


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      Thanks for your reply. i actually didn't start the practice exams yet. I'm still reviewing. Chapter 8 is so god damn long! If you don't remember, it's the chapter with the joint, marginal and conditional distribution. It's a lot in one chapter. I still have a lotttt to study.