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I passed, but...

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  • I passed, but...

    I just got home from my test and my preliminary results show I passed. I worked very hard for this and studied every moment I could. But with a toddler, a full time job (middle school teacher), I am concerned about my level of understanding. I was honestly surprised I passed as I cannot remember the last test I took where I was not 100% confident that I was successful.

    With all that said, how concerned should I be about how much I understood on this test? Should I just put it past me and focus on the next test? Or should I keep looking at P/1 material in conjunction with the other material?

    Thanks for all the help and guidance. I honestly would not have done it without the help of those on this board.

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    Don't worry. You will know how much material you understood when you are preparing for exam MLC or C.