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  • Need Help Passing Exams?

    Online tutoring is now available for Exams P/1, FM/2, MFE/3F, MLC, 3L, and C/4. Student and instructor talk on the phone while working problems on an online whiteboard. This method is very efficient as each session is tailored to your needs. One hour of tutoring saves many hours of searching for answers on your own.

    Moreover, we don't weigh you down with laundry lists of needless formulas. We teach you the underlying theory in a unified approach and only the necessary formulas, so that you can be fast and accurate.

    Your actuarial study program will likely pay for the cost of the tutoring. Plus it is easy to keep costs down by sharing tutoring sessions with friends, who need not even be sitting at the same computer!

    Let an experienced teacher, who has taught courses on this material and written a book covering it, help you prepare for your exam. Check out!