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  • Sciz
    I didn't study for 10 weeks (closer to two, but I had covered 95% of the material in a mathematical statistics class), but I also found Guo and TIA to be very helpful. I scored 9 on TIA #2 last Friday, but the video solutions for the ones I got wrong were very helpful, and I passed on Monday.

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  • mfesoa
    started a topic What helped me pass exam P

    What helped me pass exam P

    What helped me pass exam P:
    +week 1 :Start with ASM. Read 100 pages of theory. Practice first 5 exams of ASM
    +week 2 : Read Guo's manual. Guo's manual is very helpful. It took me a week to read the whole textbook.
    +week 3 :Practice SOA 153. Sit for a 3 hour test ( ASM test 1 again) on the weekend. Keep a journal of wrong questions. Write a solution scripts for them.
    +week 4: Practice SOA 153 again. Weekend: ASM test 2.
    +week 5: ASM test 3 , ASM test 4 , ASM test 5
    I've stopped using ASM after test 5. Cz I found all the tests from test 6 onward are quite hard and doesn't fit for the test. The goal of studying for exam is passing the exam but not solving all the questions of the exams. Cz it's so painful if you tried so hard but failed the exams. Therefore I started TIA sample exams. TIA sample exams are free.
    + week 6,7,8,9 : Practice Saab questions. I did 10 question each time in 50 minutes ( Normally we spent an hour for 10 questions, but I set a margin time limit to cope with the real test. We are always under-performed in the real test). Weekend: TIA test.
    + week 10: Guo's Mock Test.

    Reviewed these questions:
    +TIA exam 1: Q4,5,7,8,9,12,15,17,18,19,22,29,30
    +TIA exam 2: Q2,7,14,15,20,21,23,25,30
    +TIA exam 3: Q6,10,12,15,21,23,24
    +TIA exam 4: Q1,5,9,11,17,18,24,25
    +Guo's Mock Test: Q11,12,13,14,15
    +continuity factor