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    Can somebody who has taken the test before tell me what the test is like? Like how many questions are there and how long do you have to finish them. Also where can I find the past tests released by SOA? I checked its website but couldn't find any.
    Thank you!

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    BTW, and about what percentage of the questions do you have to answer correctly to get a pass?


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      The Probability Exam is called Exam P by the SOA and Exam 1 by the CAS. This three-hour exam consists of 30 multiple-choice questions.
      As part of the computer-based testing process, a few pilot questions will be randomly placed in the exam (paper and pencil and computer-based forms). These pilot questions are included to judge their effectiveness for future exams, but they will not be used in the scoring of this exam. All other questions will be considered in the scoring. All unanswered questions are scored incorrect. Therefore, candidates should answer every question on the exam. There is no set requirement for the distribution of correct answers for the SOA/CAS/CIA multiple-choice preliminary examinations. It is possible that a particular answer choice could appear many times on an examination or not at all. Candidates are advised to answer each question to the best of their ability, independently from how they have answered other questions on the examination.
      Past exams are no longer released; exam questions are recycled. The last time this exam was released was in May, 2003.

      Grades: in short, the number of questions required to pass depends on the relative exam difficulty the computer system adjudges you to have received - which means it may vary from person to person.
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        Thank you so much!