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Total Confusion!!

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  • Total Confusion!!

    I am a freshmen going to Elmhirst college in the fall and I have no idea how i'm going to get into this actuarial job after college. How do I get internships, what is required for internships.(Regarding wich tests I should be taking) How do I get an informational interview with a employee if I know no one with in the firm.

    It would be most helpful if this process was written in full detail. Thank you

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    1. Do you have any exams passed? If not, then everything else is really moot.

    2. If you do have at least one exam passed [doesn't matter what exam that is], then apply to any company that offers an internship. Don't worry about knowing [or not knowing] someone there; the vast majority of the people applying don't know anyone there either. Your ticket in revolves around a couple of things:
    --- Your exams passed [minimum 1],
    --- Your GPA,
    --- Your knowledge of the actuarial field in general, and
    --- Your activities outside of taking classes.

    Be prepared for the possibility that you'll be asked to go to a different location than your "home" area. If that's a problem, then it's going to hamper your chances of an internship [and longer term, a full-time job].

    Otherwise, see and especially make note of posts 4 and 5.
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