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Opinion Regarding Manuals in PDF format

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  • Opinion Regarding Manuals in PDF format

    In the near future, would it be better if authors will

    1. Sell Exam P review manuals in PDF or other computerized format?

    This would be great because the manuals would be cheaper. They can be downloaded at once with no printing and shipping costs, or they can printed for free in school or office. Besides, Exam P tests are computer-based. This would help exam writers to get used to reading from the computer screen.

    2. Sell Exam P practice exams in computerized format with actual time restrictions?

    This would give exam writers the actual feeling of the event as an excellent preparation.

    What do you think about these points?

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    When will exam P be computer based? I wouldn't mind having the manual in pdf format if it was then cheaper (I would print it out at work). I wouldn't like the manuals to be computerized, however, because I spend enough time looking at the computer screen at work and I do all my studying outside of work hours. I find hard copies more convienant also.


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      The big downside is that people tend to get a little creative about how intellectual property should be distributed when it is in electronic format.

      ETA: Although a print manual for P including a cd rom with sample exams in a format similar to the real deal would be ideal and should add minimal extra cost.


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        True that. Some people might just get too creative and create a whle new problem if the manuals come out in electronic form. Also, as much as I love computers, I sill prefer hard copies when it comes to reading. My eyes get tired very fast if I am to watch the screen for so long.