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My thoughts on TIA, ASM and SOA sample exams & Looking for a good sample exam.

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  • My thoughts on TIA, ASM and SOA sample exams & Looking for a good sample exam.

    First of all, I know that everyone have different ways of learning, so everyone has different opinion. You are welcome to correct me.
    I took stats class in university and have strong calculus background. That’s why I was too stupid to feel confident with my first siting without many practices. I did not feel surprise to fail my first sitting. I only went through some practice exams quickly three days before the exam. I am currently studying for the March sitting. Now I think practice exams are so much more important than just knowing the theories.

    After seeing the real exam, I want to share what I think about the practice exams I have. I am on the 8th sample exam of ASM and finished the SOA questions up to 180, and I finished the 4 free sample exam of TIA.

    The TIA:
    • I think this is closest to the real exam; I went through the first four on strict exam conditions.
    • Some of the video solutions are not clear but most of them explain the problem and concepts well.
    • The most important thing is that I have 3 questions on the real exam that are EXACTLY THE SAME with the two sample exams I took. The data and the answers are the same too.

    The ASM and SOA 152:
    • The reason I put them all together is that the practice questions following each chapter and the first few sample exams are taken from the SOA 152. If you have problem solving the questions from ASM manual, the soa 152 provides video solution.
    • I think those questions are good for starting. It covers the basic theories and types of questions. Sometimes it has a few challenging questions.
    • However, I think they are easier than the real test. The test is more comprehensive. A question from the test might cover the topics in 2 or 3 questions from the SOA 152 and ASM.
    • The ASM sample exams, starting from #6, are much much harder than the first few. I got around 25’s on the first five but can reach 20’s on the rest.
    • There are around 100 more questions added to the SOA 152, but I don’t know how I feel about them yet.

    I also know that SOA recently releases practice exams that simulates the exam conditions. Did anyone try that?
    I heard a lot about the ADAPT on coaching actuaries, but I haven’t try it. Can anyone tell me if that actually works for you?
    Also I need your suggestions of anymore practice exams out there that are better, or just those that works for you. I really really really want to pass the March sitting.