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  • Help with question?

    I'm starting to go back and try to understand things I didn't get the first time around, so I may be posting more questions. This question is from the Actex manual.

    Problem Set 8, #19
    The amount of liability claim Y in a motor vehicle accident has a uniform distribition on the interval (0,1) and the amount of property damage in that accident has a uniform distribution on the inverval (0,y^(1/2)). Find the density of X, the amount of property damage in an accident.

    I know this problem appears before the transformation of random variables lesson on Chapter 9, but can you solve this using transformation of random variables? I tried this method, but got -2/x for the density. I didn't read this as a conditional density problem. The answer is actually 2(1-x)
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    Answer to your question

    Detailed answers are presented in example 1 in the attached file.

    Zhaohui Han
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