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  • Important Reminder

    I know I'm not a Moderator or anything, but I just wanted to remind people of not discussing exam-related material in these next three days, September 26, 27 and 28, while P is being administered. Here's stuff I got from another forum:

    When in doubt - WAIT - until Sept 29 after to discuss anything content-related. Others may still see the same problem you're curious about.

    Examples of what you should and should not post:

    Anything about the test center conditions is fine.
    Anything about the mechanics of taking the exam by computer is fine.

    Anything about content: NO. Not even "Did you get the tranformation problem?" Or the order statistics problem? Or the normal approximation?...

    No comments about whether new distributions were or were not tested, even if you don't specify which new distributions.

    I wish everyone the best!
    act justly. walk humbly. .