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Study Group for Exam P/1 in Portland, Maine

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  • Study Group for Exam P/1 in Portland, Maine

    Hello, looking to see if there's anyone in Portland, ME, planning on taking the P1 exam. I am scheduled to take it in September.
    Anyone want to meet up to study?
    I go to UNE's library everyday after work around 5pm (including Saturdays and Sundays).
    email me to [email protected]
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    Hi campanitha,

    I know this is a bit late but did you manage to find anybody to meet up with? If so, I'm going to ask around as I'm studying for it now.

    Thanks in advance.

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      Hi James,

      It is not late at all, I couldnĀ“t take the exam last year. I just took it last May, and didn't pass =(.

      I am currently studying for my second round, and planning to take it on July the 19th, 9am =).

      My schedule has changed a little, but I am sure we can meet to study, I have some study material that we can share.