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  • Houston Study Group - Exam P, FM

    Happy New Year everyone. I recently decided that my main goal for 2012 is to make a slight career change and become an actuary. I've already been working as a risk manager at an investment bank (energy commodities), but have developed a sincere interest in this field.

    I bought some books, materials for Exam P. It's been a while since graduate school for me, but was thinking it'd be great if I could connect with someone in Texas who may be studying for Exam P and later FM. If so, please let me know and we could arrange whatever level of studying and interraction you want. Let me know.


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    So, does this mean that there's no Houstonians interested in a study group?


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      I just registered on this website today. I live in Houston and I am taking Exam P in March. Like you I am considering a career change. I have a Ph.D. in math and am currently a postdoc. We can try to set up some times to study if you are still interested.


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        My apologies for not replying sooner. To be honest, I'm still exploring whether I will be able to take this exam soon or not. My job has become incrediably hectic lately and to top that off, my commute is very taxing. That being said, I'm not sure if March is a possibility anymore. Again, I do want to begin studying for these exams.

        How has your studying been going so far? Let me know where you are at, if you still might want to study with someone and if that's the case, I might decide to begin studying sooner.


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          Hi Samantha. Are you still planning on studying for the Actuary exams? Let me know if you are interested in connecting. Regards, RiskWalla