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VEE Stats: Regression satisfied @ non-approved college, need time series - question!

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  • VEE Stats: Regression satisfied @ non-approved college, need time series - question!

    Hi there,

    Confusing and intricate question that I would like to share. I plan on calling the SOA on Monday and will share any answers I get, but I'd appreciate any insight anyone may have.

    I took a number of statistical/econometric classes during my undergrad degree in the UK, all of which got above a B- in (the SOA VEE min. grade). I believe these classes satisfy the Regression Analysis portion of VEE stats, but obviously I cannot be certain until I submit it to the SOA. I would like to know whether Regression is satisfied now, as this will tell me whether I need to take only a Time Series course, or if I need to take both.

    The form used to apply for credit from an approved institution states:
    Candidates may not submit VEE credit applications for partial credit (e.g. an approved regression course may not be submitted alone, but must be accompanied on the same application by an approved time series course). Candidates may not submit for VEE credit for a topic until they have completed all requirements for that topic.

    However, the form used to apply for a course evaluation (i.e. from a non-approved institution) does not say this. Does this mean that I can send the course in to be evaluated BEFORE taking Time Series?

    If so, this raises a number of follow-on questions:
    • How much does it cost to do this? (The form doesn't have any prices outlined)
      • Is it free to get evaluated now, then when I pass Time Series, I pay just a normal VEE application fee?
      • Or do I have to pay for the evaluation now, and then pay again when I pass Time Series?

    Bottom line, there has to be a way to figure out whether my courses satisfy Regression Analysis before taking Time Series. If they don't, I want to know now and take both Regression and Time Series at the same time and save spending another 3/6 months taking another course.