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  • Actex VEE

    Anyone taken Corporate Finance or Stats. from Actex? Have been debating between NEAS and Actex for these two credits. Any insight into either of these options would be very helpful.

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    Suggesting CPCU for VEE Finance. One time exam, no need to take any online course.


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      I'm currently taking both Actex VEE courses (plus microeconomics).

      I like the way online courses work, but it's expensive. So if you feel like you have sufficient knowledge to study on your own for a relevant exam, I suggest you follow mathrix' advice and don't waste time and money in an online course.
      I choose to take the online course for 2 reasons :
      - corporate finance : no previous knowledge and no particular interest in that field (Accounting :confused- so if I don't have assignments to hand over on a regular basis, I'm never going to study enough to pass an exam
      - applied statistics : though I have, I believe, the necessary knowledge in that field, I needed a course for language reasons : I can ''' a statistic exam in French, but got stuck because I didn't know what OLS meant in a mock exam ! ("méthode des moindres carrés" in French, but '''', how was I supposed to find out having only "OLS" written on the paper ?)
      It's also great because of the forums : you don't feel alone (I don't know anyone in France trying to get an ASA credential) and you can ask the teacher questions (they answer very quickly).

      I don't know anything about NEAS though... Actex was the easiest for me because I can take the exam in Paris, I just need an SOA member for a proctor.

      Hope this helps !