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PAK Study Manual for AFE Fall 2011

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  • PAK Study Manual for AFE Fall 2011

    Hi All,

    It is my great pleasure to announce that the PAK Study Packages are available for AFE Fall 2011.

    Here is a summary of each product. More details are available on the PAK website:

    PAK Study Manual Package
    a. PAK Study Manual
    b. PAK Exam Aid
    c. PAK Memorization Aid
    d. PAK Test Aid

    PAK Study Manual
    a. Summary of the entire syllabus
    b. Key points
    c. A list of relevant past 8V/APMV exam questions
    d. 200+ Practice questions
    e. 5 mock exam questions
    f. Suggested study schedule and syllabus page count

    PAK Exam Aid
    a. 30 SOA-type mock exam questions with detailed solutions
    b. Case study analysis
    c. Relevant past exams from the other FSA tracks (All FSA tracks from 2000 to 2011)

    PAK Memorization Aid
    a. Electronic Flash Cards (PDF version is also available)
    b. Condensed summary
    c. Memorization Map

    PAK Test Aid
    a. Mock Exam

    General Comments on the PAK Study Manual/Packages

    Should you have any questions or would like to have more samples, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] (Make sure your email address work; otherwise I am not able to reply to you.) Thanks!
    Eddy Chan FSA, CERA, MAAA
    PAK Study Manual Packages/Seminars for CFE/ERM/ILA/QFI Fall 2013

    Should you have any questions (e.g. which exam to take first, how to take the exam, exam restructuring, etc), please feel free to send me an email.