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Phone Interview This Wednesday

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  • mcgruff
    Thanks. That was good advice.

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  • alekhine4149
    Hi mcgruff. I just had an interview as well, but it was in person. I am obviously not an expert on the matter. I am just a career changer like you. But I'd guess based on my experience today that you can expect questions along these lines:

    1. Why are you interested in our company?
    2. What made you decide to be an actuary? (in your case a pretty important question)
    3. Do you have any questions you want to ask me?
    4. What skills do you offer our company? Tell me about this line on your resume that have experience with ...
    5. Tell me about a time you worked in a team, took responsibility for a mistake, gave a presentation ...
    6. Personal interests?

    In other words, pretty straightforward stuff. Good luck with the interview, and hopefully you get better feedback.

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  • mcgruff
    started a topic Phone Interview This Wednesday

    Phone Interview This Wednesday

    Hi all. Well, good news. I have a scheduled 30 minute phone interview on Wednesday, which might not be that big a deal, but it's the furthest I've gotten so far. Naturally, I'm looking for any helpful hints anyone can give.

    Just to give a quick background on my situation:

    Work experience: 2 years as a mechanical engineer; before that, 6 years as a submarine officer
    Major: mechanical engineering
    University: one in the top 15
    GPA: 3.30 --- not great, but I did graduate with honors in my major
    Exams passed: P/1, FM/2
    Exam scores: 7 and 6. (Ugh! But on the bright side, I haven't failed an exam yet)
    VEE completed: econ

    BTW, the company is a P&C company, so I guess I have to think CAS rather than SOA with this job. FWIW, I have no preference between P&C, health, life, etc.

    So, what questions should I be prepared to answer on a phone interview, especially given my situation? How can I play up my strengths while deflecting my weaknesses? Any words of wisdom that apply specifically to a phone interview?

    Also, what questions should I ask in a phone interview and which should I save for a face-to-face interview, assuming I get one? (Obviously, I won't discuss salary. Mostly, I just want to ask questions that keep them interested in me. It's not like I have any questions that must be answered before I accept a face-to-face interview.)